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Saint Louis, MO 63103
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  Recently we've been working with Uncle Strawberry, an international artist based out St. Louis. His work explicitly references pop culture’s relationship to Gen Y. Strawberry has transformed our office into a constantly evolving art gallery and we couldn't be more grateful. Sometimes we even get to do cool stuff for him like capturing a time lapse of him signing some prints for a limited edition release...


Here at mascot we do more then make other peoples dreams come true. We have great ideas and projects of our own, this is just one of them called Yum Yum Boy Soup, plain and simple its the Ben & Jerry's of soup with awesome packaging and branding design  that plays with our fun recipes. We took part of St.Louis Uber pitch and are working towards...


Here at mascot we are working on an upcoming collaborative project centering on the number 12.  With the goal to get 12hundred artist creating 12hundred different styles of the number 12. The project is asking for all types of artist and mediums to create a piece for the collection. We are planning to release a 4 book series with every book having 300 different styles. A Kickstarter campaign will be...