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We have simply logged into my Tinder and all sorts of my matches have now been deleted, it is not right. So wish they sort this problem away and back give me my matches.

Tinder software on my iPhone isn’t working, simply keeps crashing I try to open on me when.

Hi Milo. You’re maybe maybe not alone – I’m facing the extremely exact same problem. We haven’t been getting nearly every matches since last and (immodest or not) – I used to get quite a bit week. Further compared to that – we not any longer have any dudes reveal up for swiping and also the mom of all of the annoyance as a match, and his messages suddenly disappeared and I’m pretty sure he didn’t unmatch me– I was hitting it off with this amazing guy when he. It sucks does not it? Tinder support – sort it down, do you want to.

same task happens to be taking place in my opinion too for weeks now, do you look for a means surrounding this? tried anything you listed

okay. I have actually no clue what the nagging issue is right here. I have 0 matches. It’s been like an and a half month.