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Personal Safety in Belgium. The huge benefits that you simply might enjoy as being a foreigner are strictly influenced by the conditions under that you are resident on Belgian soil.

Belgium has a tremendously substantial security system that is social. Foreigners are eligible for specific allowances also to social solutions.

The huge benefits that you might enjoy being a foreigner are strictly influenced by the conditions under that you simply are resident on Belgian soil.


If you’re about to live, study or work in Belgium, your social protection entitlements (such as for example family allowance, retirement benefits, reimbursement of medical expenses and work incapacity allowance) rely on agreements, if any, signed between Belgium along with your nation and on European legislation. Entitlements additionally rely on your situation that is personal and in accordance with your nationality and work status (salaried worker, self-employed, on secondment, resigned, etc.).

You need to use Coming2belgium, a particular online device produced by the social protection organizations, to discover what you’re eligible to underneath the Belgian social protection system.

Social security

The Belgian social safety system is in line with the re payment of social efforts on your own earnings from work. These social efforts provide to fund the social protection system.

Every month the boss will pay a quite a bit in addition to your wage to the social safety investment. The worker additionally will pay a percentage of their salary that is gross in protection efforts. This investment will be utilized to pay for social protection: