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Biology 12580 articles archived since 1845. An Octopus Will Be The Model that is next Organism

Big-brained cephalopods could shine light in the advancement and neurobiology of cleverness, complexity, and more—and encourage medical and technical advancements

This Sea-slug Can Slice Off Its Mind and Grow A entire Brand Brand New Body—Twice

It really is among the “most extreme” types of regeneration ever before seen

That Mouse in Your House—It’s Smarter, Thanks A Lot to you personally

Researchers learned three kinds of home mice and discovered that people that has resided alongside people the longest had been additionally the craftiest at re re solving meals puzzles. Christopher Intagliata reports.

Hummingbirds’ Iridescent Feathers Are Nonetheless a little bit of a secret

Experts nonetheless don’t understand the complete reason for this changeable biological trait

Primitive Plankton Became Predators to Survive a Mass Extinction

As soon as the sunlight vanished, tiny coccoliths turned to searching