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UCPB Visa Debit Card: Your Protected Passport to Convenience

Your passport that is secure to

Your UCPB ATM Card simply got better yet. With all the energy of VISA, you’ve got the self-confidence and convenience to cover your acquisitions, transact on the web and anywhere withdraw cash on the planet. Enjoy increased security using its EMV that is built-in chip protects cardholder information, providing you reassurance with every deal.

Upgrade your current ATM card into the UCPB Visa Debit Card that is new now! Look at the UCPB Branch nearest you.

The UCPB Visa Debit Card provides you with the self-confidence and capability of added protection and acceptance that is global each deal:


Your card is accepted in restaurants, shopping center boutiques, filling stations, as well as other establishments that are POS-enabled. As soon as the VISA is seen by you or BancNet logo design, you’re good to go.

Use your UCPB Visa Debit Card for the online acquisitions from Visa-accredited internet merchants. Now, you can easily book your flight tickets and resort reservations online!


Withdraw cash anytime, anywhere through over 2 million ATMs worldwide. Get money in regional money once you travel abroad. Love this particular convenience whenever the Visa is seen by you or Visa Plus logo.

Enjoy increased security having its integral EMV chip that protects cardholder information, providing you with reassurance with every deal. EMV, which means Europay, MasterCard and Visa, could be the standard that is global repayment card protection.


Experience repayments during the rate of a tap at VISA terminals utilizing the logo that is contactless .

What’s the UCPB Visa Debit Card?

The UCPB Visa Debit Card is an ATM card connected to your UCPB cost savings or checking account/s.