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Probably the most environmentally friendly, many sustainable hoodie comes from Outerknown, the decidedly granola surfer bro clothing business established by Kelly Slater, commonly considered the maximum expert surfer of them all.

It is maybe not any old terry/spandex that is french however. It has a storm cotton finish, rendering it water repellent without having to sacrifice convenience or breathability: it permits water vapour to pass through through the epidermis out in to the environment, to help you keep cool and dry underneath it, while maintaining rainfall from moving through the exterior to the skin.

Should you use it in a downpour that is torrential? No, it’s not too amazing. But you still want to go for a run, it works if it’s raining a little and. As well as it’s breathable and stretchy in the right places if it’s not raining, again.


The key “detail” would function as storm cotton finish, however the hoodie also comes with stretch ribbed part panels for additional flexibility during training, there’s a reflective tab during the root of the throat to offer you some more exposure whenever you’re operating in low light, and there’s a concealed pocket within the hand warmers to help keep your key and bank card.