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Dapper Gents Grooming

Dapper Gents Grooming


Dapper Gents Grooming Lounge started with the simple idea of bringing back the experience of the barbershops of old. The founder Brent was one of our current clients running another business successfully when he approached us with the idea of opening a shop in St.Louis we had no idea what would develop over the next several months.

Project Scope:

In the beginning the scope of the project was essentially doing some market analysis, checking out the competition, looking for inspiration in larger markets and starting to think of possible names for the barbershop. After narrowing down our list of names, Dapper Gents emerged as the chosen name to move forward with logo concepts for. Once we had the logo finalized and had the brand ready we scouted locations and landed on the perfect spot on one of the busiest corners in downtown St.Louis nestled between a high end steakhouse and a cigar bar. The space itself provided plenty of inspiration with the exposed brick and rich craftsmanship.
The next step was to help design all of the collateral materials we would need: setting up social media, websites, emails and securing intellectual property and trademarks. We created some really cool metal membership cards and letterpress appointment cards as well as the small details like stickers and shopping bags. The exterior sign was one of our favorite items as it’s illuminated from all sides so even the people viewing from the lofts above the space get a little something extra. After getting the shop opened we have continued our marketing experts into billboard advertising, print ads and event marketing and are extremely proud of how the brand has taken off.

What We Learned:

We learned that nothing is more enjoyable than creating something brand new and bringing it to life. With all of the items that needed to be created and designed it was like a field day for our creativity.


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