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NutriYo is a new packaging concept for a line of RUTF (Ready To UseTherapeutic Foods) being designed by Meds and Food for Kids, a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is saving the lives of Haiti’s malnourished children and other nutritionally vulnerable people. We were challenged with coming up with concepts for three new products they were developing to distribute in Haiti.


Project Scope:

Develop an umbrella logo for Nutri-Yo that the individual products would fall under and then create packaging concepts, designs and names for the following products:

1. A flavored pb sachet, two flavors (spicy and sweet), 30 -35g sachets. Currently we are working with a clear film prototype- see attached. Target population: everyone but a specific focus on school-age children. Key marketing messages (from the focus groups): healthy, local, portable/convenient, naturally nutritious. Name: Mamba Pam- other ideas welcome.
2. PB jars, two flavors (spicy and sweet), size: tbd. Target population: Haitian elite and expats here in Haiti, possibly later in the US/ Canada. Key messages: local peanuts, production and authentic flavor, top-quality standards, profits go to save children. Name: tbd
3. Popped sorghum/milo product, two flavors (spicy and sweet). Size: 30g. Volume tbd (see picture attached). Target population: school age children. Marketing messages: healthy, local, tasty, safe/high quality, packed with protein and vitamins. Name: Ti Pop Pam – open for other names
After developing our first round of creative it was submitted for a focus group of Haitian children and young adults to gather feedback and comments on the initial design concepts. We learned quite a bit about how their culture and cultural icons differ from what we might expect in the states. It’s safe to say it was an eye opening experience and it made us go back to the drawing board with a much clearer idea of what the Haitian based consumer was looking for in packaging appeal.

What We Learned:

We learned we love doing packaging concepts, we love working with non profit organizations that are out making positive impacts in the community and we also learned a lot about Creole and Haitian culture.


Design, Non-Profit, Packaging