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Signify Wealth

Signify Wealth


When the founder of Strategic Partners Stephen Rhodes came to us to rebrand his existing wealth management firm we were excited. Stephen works with young successful athletes and CEO’s on making the most out of their finances. The existing branding for Strategic Partners was by no means bad but it didn’t have the personality and cool factor to help set them apart from the competition.


Project Scope:

Create a new brand identity name, tagline and rebrand all of the corporate stationery, website and marketing collateral. The new name had to be rememberable, protectable and easy to say and spell. The new name also had to have meaning and help differentiate itself from the competition. After doing a lot of brainstorming, concepting and vetting potential names through the USPOT.gov website for trademark availability we landed on Signify Wealth. The idea behind the name is once you have money and are financially stable what does that mean, how do you make your wealth matter and mean something. Signify helps their clients focus on what matters and free’s them to flourish doing what it is they were designed to do.
Once we landed on the name we started working on the logo, tagline, color scheme and branding elements to support the new identity. After a couple of rounds of brainstorming and concepting we landed on a strong look and feel to move forward with and base the rest of the marketing collateral materials off of.

What We Learned:

We learned you have to let the process unravel organically and be patient during testing out ideas and being open to introducing new ideas and directions into the fold as they arose. The translation being basically sometimes you don’t want to backtrack down the path that you had already embarked on to go a new route but if that path ultimately leads to a better true north for the brand you turn around and head that way. Coming up with a name that’s unique, meaningful, protectable and that meets all the criteria the client and customers have is not easy, it’s time consuming but it is extremely rewarding when done properly.

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