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Winfield’s Gathering Place was formed by Mark Winfield & Hall of Fame St.Louis Cardinal Jim Edmonds. The two successfully partnered in launching Jim Edmonds’s Steakhouse now operating as The Precinct in downtown St.Louis and then set their sights on expanding the experience into their neighborhood to share it with their friends and family. Their new adventure was taking over the original Bread Company space in a Kirkwood strip mall off Manchester Rd.

Project Scope:

We got in on the ground level of this project and have been adding value every step of the way. Once the location was secured we started with coming up with ideas for the name of the restaurant and quickly paired it down to two options: Edwins (which took the initials from each of the owners last names) and Winfields. After the name was decided on we started designing the logo, pulling the concept together with flavor boards and investor packets. When construction started on the build out we got busy on developing concepts for interior & exterior signage, securing online assets such as domain names, emails and social media accounts. During this time we also did competitive analysis on the competing restaurants around the community taking pictures and menus to get a lay of the land on what everyone else was doing currently. Once the menu was decided on we helped orchestrate a taste testing for investors and food critics to sample the food and leave their feedback via comment cards. We also created a recipe manual so that the final ingredients would be able to be reproduced by any of the chefs.
As the opening of the restaurant grew closer we began designing the menus, finalizing window graphics / signage for the building, developing the website and rounding out the social media presence. We also created a large stencil for the white subway tile wall on the open kitchen and created some cool metal investor cards to present to their waitress for their discount. Since the opening we have worked with Winfield/s to create direct mail campaigns, email marketing, done some photography, created some really cool chalkboards, and designed some really cool beer growlers. We highly recommend making Winfield’s your next dining destination.


What We Learned:

We learned that launching a business is tough and time consuming. A lot of the work is wrapped up and completed within the last two weeks before launch and to really help your clients in the time of need you have to be willing to put all hands on deck to get the job done. We also learned that there is nothing as rewarding as having a meal with friends and family, ordering off a menu we created and drinking pints with a logo you created on them.


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